peace message

  1. 「Will world peace continue forever into the future for our precious children and grandchildren?」 「That is our responsibility as adults and caretakers.」
  2. Let’s maintain and protect our current peacetime with appreciation and pray it will continue for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren’s future together.
  3. After the war, Japanese peace constitution had been admitted as “a model of peace country” by other countries in the world, but the recognition of Japanese peace constitution was changed to “the dangerous way” by the Liberal Democratic Party in September 2015. This deed is an outrage against the conformity of Japan’s peace constitution and the spirit of constitutionalism. This vice against the nation would bring “the beginning of misery” to Japan and 110 million of Japanese people.
  4. Japan relies on America for national defence. There are many American military bases and American soldiers in Okinawa and other areas in Japan. Japan pays a big sum of budget from national tax to America for this. This situation gives the people of Okinawa and other places with military bases much trouble and hurt.All of these are consisted of the idea that we need American military bases in Japan for Japanese or Asian peace and stability.

    On the other hand, we can think of what would happen if America starts war with other countries? The country will focus on and attack Japan where there are a lot of American soldiers and military bases, instead of attacking America. Then we Japan, will be involved and many people will lose their lives. Because of this it’s so dangerous to have American front-line bases in Japan.

    With this current world situation when a country with a small military force is attacked, destroyed and occupied by a nation with a bigger force, how can we the world just standby and accept this? Will the world just watch and not help? If there is such a lawless nation, there is the United Nations to correct it. It’s guaranteed that the world will help. It’s not the way, that a particular country with a big military force will defend the world order, all countries, should be united and UN forces should work together all countries equally. The cost and manpower of this UN force should be paid for by all countries in the world. The self-defence I suggest is that we defend all countries together.

    If we can make it work the increasing military arms cost can be stopped. Each countries defence budget can afford to be cut by 60%. We can open the way to a bright peaceful future. Like today while a lot of countries have a lot of nuclear weapons and arms, there is always the risk of war and we will never be able to expect world peace.

  1. “Peace in Japan.”
    ・No military bases in Okinawa.
    ・No military bases in Japan.
    ・Japan should uphold the pacifist constitution and maintain an exclusively defense oriented policy.
    ・If Japan joins ally fight with the right of collective self-defense, the partner country would attack Okinawa first where there is the American front line base, and Okinawa would be exposed to the tribulations of war.                                                                ・“No American military base” “ No right of collective self-defence” “No Act on the protection of Specially Designated Secrets” “No Security Guarantees” “No conspiracy” “ Protect the peace constitution”
  2. Countries say they have nuclear weapons to protect themselves and nations and have them because other countries also have. Nations say they have guns to protect themselves and their family from a lot of criminals in the world. Nowadays countries which have nuclear weapons and nations with guns have been increasing. As there are many nuclear weapons in the world the risk of nuclear war becomes enlarged. As there are many guns in the world, dreadful crimes occur, and human life is taken. As a result, peace becomes a remote. Now the world is working in a dangerous way which is opposed to peace.
  3. Killing people, destroying nations with dreadful ‘nuclear weapons ‘
    Getting ready for fight
    Killing each other

    Where is the ‘justice ‘in these actions? I wonder if people think they are right way. Justice should mean to solve problems with words not with fight. We should make peace. When we can’t solve with words, let’s solve equally according to international law. Both nations and people shouldn’t have a wrong way and thought in the world. Humans shouldn’t be animals which fight and kill each other.

  4. Japan which is one of the world’s big debtor country has been building more debt and encouraging the militarization. Please don’t use a lot of nations tax nations paid by working very hard for armament and weapons which kill humans, use it to make the nation’s life better. Currently, we forgot how peace is important that we learnt from the defeat in war and   we’re going back to the old dangerous time. The thought and way of the recent government are very dangerous. Japan should maintain an exclusively defence-oriented policy which we protected after war under the peace constitution. I want Japan to stop encouraging the militarization and have an ambition towards the world by following big military powers in the name of peace.
  5. “The anxiety and fear of nuclear war “Two hundred and ten thousand people were killed because of the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by American force during the world war II. And all of towns were destroyed completely. Now There are 60 thousand nuclear bombs in the world. They have the furious destructive and deadly power which are 3000 times stronger than the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If five or six of them are dropped on Japan, Japan would be destroyed completely. People in the world think surely no countries wouldn’t press the button of nuclear bombs even if wars happen, but I think that idea is too easy. As long as there are the nuclear powers in the world, the risk of nuclear war is never zero. When we learn and grow smart and abolish totally nuclear weapons all over the world, finally there will be no fear of nuclear wars. The world must take into action to abolish nuclear power. It’s nonsense that nations think to hold nuclear power is peaceful life and are trying to be against each other.
  6. Like today confliction, terror and war are increasing in intensity in the world. They never be solved for a long time, because some nations or extremist groups give a lot of money and weapons to others who are committing and carrying out them. Therefore, wars last long with the abundance of capital source.In order to cut the source of money, unfriendly power and nations should be done away in the world. While a lot of countries are at a standoff with harmful nuclear weapons and hardware and don’t band together, confliction, terror and war will be never done away with. The world should be as one so each country can achieve unity.

    Let’s switch from a self defence system to a globalized world-defence system that each country of the world cooperates to defend each other country not only to defend by themselves or with alliance partners. When it comes to this reality, we can stop competing for the military which is still growing. All the countries in the world can cut their own defence budgets to retrieve affluence to 40% of their present budget. We can build world peace. We can open the way to a bright peaceful future and protect the survival of humans.

  7. We need to think terror and war are not only the problem among disputed countries but also the world’s problem in order to stop the catenation of rancour, hate and requital which comes from conflict of terror and war. Each country of the world should cooperate without fighting and solve the problem as a world under the international law.
  8. If the world tries to go forward without changing the current situation, there will be further crisis for human beings in the future. The world should move into action as below to open the way to a bright future and protect the survival of humans.
    1.Accomplish world peace
    2.Tackle stepped-up efforts against global warning in a cooperative way.
    3.Change the way of obtaining energy. (Stop using nuclear power generation and fossil fuels. Use natural energy.)
  9. Now, confliction, terror and war are increasing in intensity in the world. Why do people kill each other when they start to fight? Because there are evil minded people who can’t be satisfied without killing, if they are in war. Other animals except for human being kill creatures for food to live their life. When they fight over territory, they attack and injure enemies, but never kill them as they esteem life higher than humans. But human beings have been repeating war and killing each other when we look back on the past. 19million people died in World WarⅠ, and 80million people died in World WarⅡ. 160million people died in war during the last hundred years in the 20th century. Thus, there are a lot of casualties of war in the world. Human beings haven’t learnt anything from their history. Even now confliction, terror and war are increasing in intensity. We don’t realize it. Will we continue to repeat history so that we kill each other? There is no hope for a bright future of human race as it now stands.
  10. Killing each other will create the concatenation of rancour and hate and it will continue to exist in the future. It has no ending. It’s complete nonsense and sad. We must value our lives and more.
  11. To young folks,
    The world peace is the ultimate level of happiness and delight. Let’s appreciate the peace we have now in our country and think to maintain it together. War is killing each other. War should never happen. Once war happens, ‘you’ young people have to join and kill each other with holding guns in your hands. If you fight a battle, you’ll be wounded and there will be a high possibility to be killed. The dismal state of affairs of wars is gory, horrible, life-or death dire situation, dreadful scene with trembling from strain. It’s hell.

    Finally, we can have peace here now thanks to a lot of young soldiers who were got drafted and bled in a war around 71 years ago. We have to maintain peace together in one way or another. Please pay attention to the gallant speech of politicians or other people who never had war experience, have never been to wars, but try to send young people to battle fields. Let’s uphold Japanese pacifist constitution.

  12. Let’s make the world peace into a reality without building nuclear weapons and work towards a no guns reality. Nuclear weapons and guns take humans precious lives and families one after another and destroy a peaceful nation. These are tools that kill people. Countries shouldn’t use our tax which nations pay for from working hard. They should use the money for our prosperity.The world’s countries should discuss not to have nuclear weapons and guns and take actions on their decision to get rid of these things. We won’t be able to expect world peace while a lot of countries are fighting and conflicting.
  13. There are a lot of dangerous nuclear weapons in the world. Once a nuclear war happens, there’ll be an apocalyptic loss of life what will threaten the continued existence of humankind and deprive millions, tens of million people’s lives. The death ashes will fall through the air all over the world.
  14. If leaders of countries think they shouldn’t interfere or can’t interfere with other countries, even though other nations are suffering from bad leadership, it’s completely wrong. A country can never improve this way. World peace can’t come true without our world nation’s interest in one another and action.
  15. The big countries should stop the hegemony for their own advantage.
  16. These are necessary things to get rid of the danger of nuclear war from the world and make the real world peace and come true.(1)All the countries of the world should live in peace by discussing everything without dangerous nuclear weapons, hardware, standing off each other, fighting and war.

    (2)The confliction among countries should be solved peacefully based on international law without war.

    (3)Those dangerous weapons and hardware that destroy civilization should be got rid of from the world immediately.

    (4)Each country of the world should cooperate to defend their own countries, and we can stop competing for the military that needs the significant budget. All countries in the world can cut their own defence budgets to retrieve affluence to 40% of present budget. We can get rid of poverty and build the world peace. We can open the way to bright peaceful future and protect survivals of human race. Then, when we try to move these 4 ideas into action, these differences below will be obstacles among the countries.
    < Difference of race, politics, religion, ideas of principles, value, culture, history etc.>
    As people in the world think that there are these differences among the countries, it’s hard to move these ideas into action and the world doesn’t work. They will be just nothing more than words on the paper or feedback from an individual. We keep off putting building the world peace and we can’t get rid of wars in the world. We can’t do anything without try. We can’t do because we aren’t serious about doing it. If we have strong will, ability and faculty to take action and we can do it. Let’s move all the above into action with the approval of the leaders and nations of various countries in the world.

  17. Recently a political party, the Liberal Democratic Party is trying to lead the future of our children and grandchildren on a dangerous path. One of their ways was ‘Act on Protection of specified Secrets’ that was recently enforced. This law was passed without public opinion. When politicians and bureaucrats steered away from the will of the people and public opinion, I believe a tragedy of Japan began. The basis of democracy is so that people have the right to know what is happening in their world. Let’s scrap this law which strongly impinges on the right to know by mobilizing the full of potential of our people. Let’s make an open society and the country that respects the will of the people. Let’s make a bright future for our children, their grandchildren and our future generations.
  18. I want leaders in countries to do the politics that helps the underclass. I don’t want them to do politics that makes only leaders or the upper-class around them rich. AS the national budget comes from tax nations paid by working very hard, I want them to use tax for peace and prosperity of countries and nations. Using a big budget for soldiers, nuclear weapons and hardware that countries use for fight or people use to kill each other is nonsense. All the countries of the world use too much defence budget as the military expanse race has been increasing. Countries and nations have lost affluence by the growth of the defence budget. There is much poverty in the world. Each country of the world should cooperate to defend countries in the world, and the world can be a safe place. We can achieve the world peace.