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If the world changes the self defence system of its countries, the life of nations will improve and we can achieve world peace. 

If the world switches from a self-defence system to a world defence system, each country can cut itself defence budget by 60 percent as well as eradicating the fear of nuclear war. 

Let’s become one world for peace.

The call for changing the countries defence system.

  Promoter   Kasai Hidetusgu

Points one and two are regarding the current existing defence system.

1: Defend only countries with a domestic defence force. 

2: Defend countries only within alliance.

Current defence force

We couldn’t get rid of war in the past.

There is a risk that war will happen again.

We couldn’t avoid the threat of nuclear war.

Competition in the arms race will escalate more and more.

The nation’s treasuries will be worse off because of the increasing amount of expenditure.

As the social security budgets decrease, the nation’s life will deteriorate. 

The world poverty will increase. 

The world peace will never be achieved. 

Once the nuclear war occurs the human race will be in ruin. 

There is no hope for the future of the human race. 

Switch from the self-defence to the world defence system and globalise it on an international scale.

No risk of war in the future.

No fear of nuclear war.

Possible to stop the arms race.

Possible to cut 60 percent of the defence budget. 

Possible to retrieve affluence from the world’s nation’s budgets.

Possible to increase the budget of the social security and improve the quality of our lives.

Possible to get rid of poverty.

Possible to achieve world peace.

Possible to open the way to a bright peaceful future and protect the survival of the human race.

What is the world defence system?

The new world defence system I suggest is to defend countries not only with a domestic defence force but also to achieve cooperation between the countries in the peaceful world. 

Aims for total cooperation between countries in the peaceful world.

Never make war on other countries. 

Never invade other countries.

Abolish nuclear weapons completely. 

Countries that make these 3 oaths: No Fighting, No Invasion and Yes to Nuclear Abolishment, shall cooperate with one another in peace. 

In the beginning 2 nations must start to cooperate. From their example we can include other affiliate countries gradually by 10, 50, 100, 200 and beyond. If one of the affiliate countries is invaded or makes war on others, we should come together to cooperate against this aggression.

The UN force that shall be formed from the affiliate countries can stop the invasion and guard the safety of our citizen’s lives, freedom and peace. No military superpowers can fight against other united countries.   

When we look back over the past, we can see human history has been sadly segregated by war. We human beings don’t learn anything from our past history. One hundred and sixty million people were killed by wars in the 20th Century. We can’t abolish war by continuing with this old defence model in our future world. Peace is the best pleasure and happiness for human beings. We can’t expect the survival of the human race without world peace. World peace and prosperity, freedom and equality of nations are a common wish with people all over the world. Let’s concentrate the wisdom of mankind and make our decision to move it to action immediately. 

Let’s promote and enlarge our Circle of Peace. 

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