Protect Japanese peace and achieve the world peace society

Protect Japanese peace and achieve the world peace society
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・Let’s protect Japanese peace and achieve the world peace.
・Nothing is more precious and thankful thing for people than peace.
That is peace in family, working place, region, Japan, and the world.
・The situation of the world has been getting more dangerous.
・Great powers are standing off with holding dangerous and dreadful weapons which destroy people’s life and kill human beings. This has a huge threat for nuclear war. A lot of countries invest many states budget and develop more powerful and terrifying modern nuclear weapons. They are getting ready for wars not to be defeated whenever war occurs in future. Arms race is underway.
・Superpowers in the world shouldn’t interfere each other only for the profit of their own countries. Also, they should resolve the problems of conflicts, civil war, and terrorisms by the cooperation of international society under UN.
・If there are some countries against the international rules and the conflicts, civil wars, and terrorisms are continued for a long time, the military army who are joined from all countries in the world under UN can work together and restore the country’s safety. And They should let the refugee run away to the other countries come back home. Let’s solve the problems of refugee immediately.
・Japan needs to call for the conclusion of Anti-War treaty to the world.
・Japan should pledge anti war and stop fighting with other countries in the future.
・Japan should keep obeying the Peace Constitution which it learned form the defeat and enforce the self-defense.
・Japan shouldn’t rely on only America, but also improve peace diplomacy as a center country among superpowers like China, Russia and western countries. This is the big lesson for the peace in Japan which learned from the defeat.
・Japan should abolish all US military bases from Japan. If America starts war with other countries, other countries will attack Japan which has US military bases before they attack America. Japan will be under war. Japan should keep the Peace Constitution and proceed the neutral foreign policy as a peace country.
・The Japanese vast budget paid for America should be used for Japanese citizens for example, the child support, the provision of free education, the family support and other welfare support.
・All countries should join the nuclear weapons convention which is human beings long cherished wish. Let’s abolish dreadful nuclear weapons in the world.
・Let’s abolish the atomic power station which is so dangerous for human beings in the world.
・The global warming would be the crisis of the extinction of human beings. Let’s stop using all fossil fuel as Global Warming Countermeasures and use the natural energy which is safe for the earth. Stop destroying nature immediately.

・Now the world situation is on crisis. If it continues without being improved, there is no future for human beings.
・Individual citizens must think seriously and act. They should make politicians and nations work hard to achieve the world peace.
・People can’t just rely on politicians and nations. They must think hard with thinking it’s impossible or it’s just ideal otherwise the situation will be much worse, and the world peace will never improve.
・Everyone in the world, Let’s take an action now not tomorrow. Be interested in the peace, stand up, and call for the world peace. It’s time to make politicians and nations make work hard.

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Protect Japanese peace and achieve the world peace society
Promoter Kasai Hidetsugu