This "My peace message" campaign will pray for our posterities' future to be a peaceful one.

clean energy

August 2014 

Proposer Kasai Hidetsugu

Let’s advance the development of pollution free clean energy that can be achieved by humans in the near future.

With our advanced science and technology pollution free clean energy can be achieved by controlling the Earth gravity.

We can reverse the gravity which pulls all objects to earth by removing the weight of those objects. Then we can transform it into a driving power. The transformed power will move all our vehicles.

We don’t need to use existing gasoline and fossil fuels.

This way we can decrease carbon dioxide dramatically which is our urgent agenda and decrease global warming problem.

As a result, we can get rid of air pollution and the earth will be clean and beautiful. We can open the way to a bright peaceful future and protect the survival of human race.

Who will discover and invent such a science?

Which country will make this breakthrough and develop skills for needed for the human race in the future?

I sent the above message to major Japanese universities, car companies, railway companies other companies and researchers of 34 energy development companies.

A car company, a railway company, a university and 2 companies are working in research and development as of January 2020.