This "My peace message" campaign will pray for our posterities' future to be a peaceful one.

To save human beings in the world

1.Nowadays, many people left their home, countries and became refugees in foreign countries because of wars in the world. They are desperate to run away from them. Lots of people lost their family and live separated from them. They are suffering from poverty and famine. They also die with disease, injury and violence. People are people over the world. We are all friends. We must solve incidents as a world problem not as a county’s trouble. Each countries in the world should unite firmly and solve it under the international law and the guide of UN. Let’s accomplish to make refugees come back to their home.

2.Our friends in the world are confronted with the risk of life, persecution and hardship because of religious or racial conflicts, civil wars and incidents. We need to think that’s a world big issue. It’s not just internal affairs of another country and establish an international law ‘the Displaced Persons Act’ which has strong force. This should be solved by discussion and the law. It’s necessary to reconcile leaders who have responsibility for conflictions at the peaceful table. Let’s relieve people immediately.

3.Let’s share global resources (in the sea, on the land and underground) from God equally with human beings all over the world.

4.Let’s share wealth in the world equally not to be only for some part of countries and people. It should be spread evenly by donation with the spirit of sympathy and service.

5.Let’s stop the poverty by making the world where people can have the equality of indispensable foods, clothing and shelters to live.

6.People are all friends. Let’s make the nation and the world where we can share, help and support each other with a sprit of dedication in the future.

7.Countries should use a lot of tax that people earned very hard for the nation’s life not for the nuclear weapons and other armaments which can kill and destroy people.

When we act the previous,
・No refugees in the world
・No discrimination in the world
・No difference in the world
・We can overcome differences of race and religion and cooperate.
・We achieve the world peace